Key Challenges with Stockpile Measurements


We, at Stockpile Volume understand and speak with experience knowing well that the devil is in the details. Here are a few challenges one is faced with while engaging in stockpile measurements. However, with rigorous analysis and diligence we have not only come to find our way around it but also master the measurement techniques.


1. Indoor Accessibility to Piles

Mostly, the placement of indoor piles is such that they make the task of capturing a full image of the pile in question an arduous task. More often than not, the accessibility to the stockpile is only one sided. However, with carefully designed and systemized methods, this issue has been successfully dealt with.


2. Cycle Count

Many users have asked for effortless ways to provide physical verification of stockpiles between the routine monthly validations done by the company. With our stockpile volume App, we have attended to these client requirements that primarily enables them to have enhanced stock/Inventory control.


3. The excuse of the Unknown Ground

Most survey results not matching stock have a simple underlying reason of the unknowingness of the ground level. Stockpile volume, with its remarkable detailed understanding of this inherent problem provides the client, a solution that is most desirable and befitting.


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