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Stockpile Inventory Measurement

A small variation in volume accuracy would lead to tonnes and tonnes of deviation in physical stock quantity. Accuracy in the measurements is, therefore, the most important element when capturing the profile volume of the stockpiles. We offer more than a stockpile measurement solution. Our enterprise-level solution can be personalized to meet your particular business priorities and requirements to build a strategic edge for you in your industry.

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Measure All Piles

We can measure all kinds of piles, indoor/outdoor, free-standing, or bunkered

Reduce costly write-offs

Accurate stockpile measurement can help reconcile any accounting discrepancies.

Financial Forecasts

Prepare more accurate financial forecasts

Supply Chain Management

Plan out purchases in advance.

Physical Verification / Audit

Without accurate measurement of stockpile, an audit is incomplete


Full process transparency through visualization and documentation of each step

Beyond Measure, How it Works

Consultation & Proposal

At an initial meeting, you’ll find out more about us and get a sense about how we can help you. We’ll ask you some questions and begin forming a comprehensive understanding of your goals, we customize the proposal and agreement for you to review. Our Proposal includes stockpile inventory measurement and an enterprise-level management solution.

Start Measuring

Start a survey using the stockpile measurement app or your total station, laser scanner, drone, or a combination of all to survey the stockpiles, You can also hire a drone pilot or the laser scanner from our network for an end-to-end solution. We will help you measure more frequently with greater accuracy regardless of where your stockpile inventory is stored.

Gain visibility with our Portal

The Stockpile Inventory Measurement system is located entirely on the cloud there is no need for the user to have any specialized hardware. It’s not just volumes, we provide a comprehensive report consisting of images, videos, 3d models, the risk associated with piles, accuracy alerts, physical verification audit discrepancies, and more.

Why precise measurements of stockpile quantities matter


How much is sitting in the stockyard right now?

Track production and material levels in almost real-time.


What do you still need to extract?

Prevent stockouts and overstock situations


How much have you moved off site since day before?

Track supply and demand, tighten supply chain


What was its true value ??

Accurate stockpile measurement can help reconcile any accounting discrepancies and increases compliance with regulatory requirements.

Enabling enterprise-level stockpile management.

Whether you use the Stockpile Volume smartphone-based Stockpile measurement app, total station, laser scanner, or drone to measure stockpiles or wanting us to take measurements, Our platform can provide you with accurate measurements of stockpiles. We will help you measure more frequently with greater accuracy regardless of where your stockpile inventory is stored.

We can measure all kinds of piles, indoor/outdoor, free-standing, or bunkered at mines, thermal power plants, smelters, ports, refineries, roadworks, or other sites. This data ensures regulatory compliance like physical verification or audit and allows you to manage your stock and inventory through rapid ongoing calculations.



We provide accurate stockpile measurement of all kinds of piles at your fingertips – Giving you full control of your stockpiles.

Whether your goal is to reduce costly write-offs, prepare more accurate financial forecasts, physical verification audit, reconcile accounting discrepancies, better supply chain management, or all of the above, our solutions can help you reach your goals.

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