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About Stockpile Volume

Stockpile volume is an industry pioneer in stockpile estimation and inventory management to the mining and aggregate industries. We offer your company an impartial third party estimation for stockpile inventories and key operational insights to manage your site.

It is our goal to help companies leverage digital efficiency and enhancement in technologies to improve their businesses starting with inventory management and stockpile estimation.

We believe in the right tool for the right job, advanced data- driven LiDAR and Drone Aerial Data solutions allows us to better serve our customers unique site needs more efficiently and economically. 

The stockpile volume, stockpile measurement solution and reporting platform allows users to validate and transform raw aerial data or lidar data into dynamic 3D models and accurate and precise measurements.

Our clients can measure on their own or we can measure for you.

Our Solution- Beyond measure


Total Solution

All of the reporting that you need, in one platform. Whether you are using Lidar, GPS, Total Station or Drone Aerial Data, all of your data processing and reporting are visible in stockpile volume measurement solution.


Custom Solution

We provide your team the ultimate flexibility. Select your hardware and reporting outputs that are ideal for your site. Integrate with your current ERP.


High Quality Customer Service

We have experts in data analysis, diagnose issues on field, developing best practices, and enabling your team with tools to improve workflow practices, perform field audits and inventory management.


Time Saving

Faster access to real-time analytics with collection of data and processing in 24-48 hours.

Operating Efficiency

Frequent flyovers for analysis of stockpiles ensure all records of assets are consistent.


Streamlined Audits

Conduct independent thirdparty audit in a timely and efficient manner without interrupting the efficiency of the company

Long Term Recording

Utilize the Stockpile Volume Cloud to track historical site data over time for accurate financial reporting and analysis.

Accuracy in stockpile measurement is key to having error-free book value:


We understand the significance and enormous impact of  variation of physical stock on book value and on other various company operations and decisions. We DO NOT consider the measurements of inventory as just a number on the balance sheet and work with you where and why you are seeing discrepancies and perform field audits to help diagnose issues in order to develop best practices for managing your inventory.

Sahil Dass – Stockpile Volume

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